Essay Pike

This is an Essay that we had to do for our Literature class.

Topic: Pike

Essay Question: How does Ted Huges convey the power and the violence in animals throw the poem “Pike”?

Very few people give animals the respect they deserve. In the following essay, i’m going to prove that there is power and violence in animals and humanity.


On the one hand, there is a lot of power and violence in animals. “Pike is too immense…”, it´s size  “… three inches long, perfect…” is an advantage when he has to fight with other fish. Animals fight with other fish to survive, “killers from the egg (…) malevolent…”


On the other hand, humans interfere in animals habitat a lot. “silently cast and fished…” this is a visual imagery to give a very good example of human invading animal’s habitat. “… we kept behind glass…” another excellent example.

All in all, there is, there was, and there is going to be power and violence in animals and human beings.

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