The Berlin Blockade

This is an activity our History teacher usked to do, as we are now studying the cold war; this graph we had to do is about the Berlin blackade. image


These are the answers to the questions Lenny gave us: 

1) They were very poor, hardly noticed by other countries, they had lost everything,
As a country and each person specifically.

2) The soviets didn’t want Berlin of any part of Germany to recover to fast, they wanted to keep them crippled and under their control.

3) because the three zones occupied by the allies united against the fourth zone which was under soviet (communist) control.

4) Because it was a real event, a real “confrontation”, a real proof of what was know as a the Cold War, the airlift proved the rivalry between communism and capitalism wasn’t just a simple fear, simple ideas, it was a big and very important issue.

5) The USSR, as they closed the roads and the access the allies had to get to Berlin, they offered every starving person in Berlin free food if they crossed into East Berlin and registered their ration cards there, but West Berliners rejected their proposal. And as for the USA, they sent more supplies during the airlift than they had done before.

6) Because he saw the Americans weren’t going to stop providing Berlin with supplies, and they didn’t want to declare war, so they surrendered and freed the roads.

Extender question: In my opinion it was the USA, because Berlin was deep in the soviets’ zone, it was surrounded in communism, and they could have just let it go and focus on another thing more important, but instead Truman wanted to make sure everyone knew he was serious about his plans against communism’s expanding.

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