This is an analysis of a poem that we read in pur Literature class, the poem is called Pike.

  • The writter was Ted Hughes, an English poet and writer of children´s fiction.
  • According to Hughes the poem Pike is based on an experience he had when he was little. ”In lake or pond, there was a deep part of that pond in which there lived large pike.”

  • It is a very statue and precise description of the pike, their bodies and how they move.

  • Pike are fierce creatures.

  • “The thrust of his poem is about his fear; of the deepness of water in the area lake where they live and of the pike themselves.”  The voice is scared of the pike.

  • “This makes the experience of reading this poem, hair raising and intense emotionally. Even though the reader may be nowhere near water and pike, the reader feels the presence of these killer fish come out of Hughes words and into their consciousness.”

THEME: Self discovery – Nature vs. Human feelings – Human beings behaibior towards nature – doing anything to succeed.

TONE: remorseful – guilty – reflective – violent – suspense – gloomy – dark.