Essay Pike

This is an Essay that we had to do for our Literature class.

Topic: Pike

Essay Question: How does Ted Huges convey the power and the violence in animals throw the poem “Pike”?

Very few people give animals the respect they deserve. In the following essay, i’m going to prove that there is power and violence in animals and humanity.


On the one hand, there is a lot of power and violence in animals. “Pike is too immense…”, it´s size  “… three inches long, perfect…” is an advantage when he has to fight with other fish. Animals fight with other fish to survive, “killers from the egg (…) malevolent…”


On the other hand, humans interfere in animals habitat a lot. “silently cast and fished…” this is a visual imagery to give a very good example of human invading animal’s habitat. “… we kept behind glass…” another excellent example.

All in all, there is, there was, and there is going to be power and violence in animals and human beings.


This is an analysis of a poem that we read in pur Literature class, the poem is called Pike.

  • The writter was Ted Hughes, an English poet and writer of children´s fiction.
  • According to Hughes the poem Pike is based on an experience he had when he was little. ”In lake or pond, there was a deep part of that pond in which there lived large pike.”

  • It is a very statue and precise description of the pike, their bodies and how they move.

  • Pike are fierce creatures.

  • “The thrust of his poem is about his fear; of the deepness of water in the area lake where they live and of the pike themselves.”  The voice is scared of the pike.

  • “This makes the experience of reading this poem, hair raising and intense emotionally. Even though the reader may be nowhere near water and pike, the reader feels the presence of these killer fish come out of Hughes words and into their consciousness.”

THEME: Self discovery – Nature vs. Human feelings – Human beings behaibior towards nature – doing anything to succeed.

TONE: remorseful – guilty – reflective – violent – suspense – gloomy – dark.

Discurso del Papa Francisco I

Este es un discurso del Papa Francisco I.

Papa Francisco I (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) discurso.

En este discurso, el Papa habla de que, en Argentina, “La esclavitud esta a la orden del día “, de que “Hay chicos en situación de calle.”, y que “En esta cuidad se raptan a mujeres y a chicos.”.

Mi opinión:                                                                                                                               Para mi, Bergoglio tiene razón, en todo lo que dijo. En la actualidad, en Argentina, tenes que tenes mucho cuidado por las calles, nunca sabes lo te puede pasar, te pueden robar, secuestrar, etc.                                                                                                                          También estoy de acuerdo con el en que hay mucha situación de pobreza y muchos chicos en la calle, quienes fueron abandonados, abusados o mandados a trabajar por sus padres, chicos que no tienen la posibilidad que tenemos nosotros, de aprender, ir al colegio, etc. y son quienes terminan haciendo las cosas que dije en el párrafo de arriba. Así como también lo dice Bergoglio, esto no tendría que ser así  y ya que lo es, tiene que terminar.

Descriptive writting

Writting & Oral. Chose an image and describe it. FINAL VERSION.

Located in Miami, United States. It is a hotel which has a very relaxing and beautiful out look.

The sea there is gorgeous, the water is crystal – blue, very clean and has a salty smell that gives you a very calm sensation.

Have you ever wanted to get into the warmest pool ever? If you go to the serene swimming pool of the hotel, you will feel, as my mom once said, “I feel like heaven´s on this pool”. Also, all around the swimming pool, you have chairs and comfortable umbrellas were you can have a very quiet nap.

In addition, Near the hotel there are lots of busy streets and exclusive shops were you can have fun and buy anything that you want.

In my opinion it´s a very peaceful place with a spectacular view, and i’m sure that if you go there you will have an excellent time.

mara ripoll

¿Porque aprender matemática?

¿Porque debemos aprender matemática? Una muy buena pregunta, que muchos nos hacemos. Acá está en link de un artículo escrito por Ignacio Zalduendo para LA NACION, que responde a esta pregunta.

¿Porque aprender matemática?

Mi opinión: Para mi matematica es muy importante. En lo que estoy muy de acuerdo con Ignacio, es que la matematica obliga la honestidad, que la cuenta da lo que da, y no se puede cambiar. Tambien estoy de acuerdo en que te va a ayudar en la vida, ya sea para ir al kiosco a comprar algo o para tu trabajo de grande.