Letter – The Escape

We have read “The Escape” and we had to make a letter from the mom to her family in Jamaica telling them how she felt about her life and what was she going to do. My group is Luna and Tomás. Then three people from senior 3, Julia, Mechi and Juan have to answer it.

Dear family,

My husband is mean with me and my kids, he is always arguing and treating us in a very rough way, he abuses physically and psychologically of me and my family. I’m sick of him, I’ve been tolerating him for a very long time and finally after all this years I am going to escape from him. I have been planning to save some money from work for the ticket. I hope I can get out with it and escape at last. I also hope my kids are all right. My good friend, Miss Ruby had a wonderful idea that is to dilate the clock so he won´t wake up early and see me escaping. I hope you wait for me there. I miss you all very much. Love to mom,                                                                                                                                                                      Patsy.



Essay Literature

This is an essay our Literature teacher Pato usked us to do.

Compare the attitudes of the writer towards the city in “Composed upon Westminster bridge” and “The Planners”.

In this essay I’m going to analyse the attitudes of the writers towards the city in “Composed upon Westminster Bridge” and “The planers”.

On the one hand, William Wordsworth the writer of “Composed upon Westminster Bridge” describes the city as the most beautiful thing he has ever seen “Earth has not anything to show more fair” it´s the first time he sees London from the bridge at dawn and he is fascinated, amazed. Everything is very peaceful, calm, quiet. It’s very early in the morning so no one’s there “…the very houses seem asleep.” it’s a metaphor to say that everyone is sleeping. As there’s nobody there, everything is closed, “… smokeless air.” all the factories are closed. Everything is very picturesque and beautiful to him.

On the other hand, the writer of “The Planners” describes the city in a very bad, negative way. He is against of modernization, he describes what humans are doing to the planet, to the earth, to culture, to art, to history in a very negative unfavourable way. He thinks humans are destroying everything they’ve made in the past, and no matter the reason he considerates that as a bad idea. The writer expresses that humans are destroying and will not stop, “Even if the sea draws back and the skies surrender.” they are destroying nature and culture and don’t care about it at all.

In conclusion, the way in which the two writers express their feeling towards the city, or the way they discribe it, is very different, it’s the opposite.




Language Test

This is my Language test:

Task 1:

My favorite artist is Bruno Mars. He is a singer-songwriter, record producer, musician, voice artist and choreographer. Bruno Mars´ real name is Peter Gene Hernandez, and at age of two he was nicknamed “Bruno” by his father, because of Bruno Sammartino. He was born on the 8th of October, 1985 and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, by a family of musicians.

Mars began making music at a young age, he graduated from high school and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a musical career. Bruno began his career by writing songs for other artists such as B.o.B and Travie McCoy. He released his debut album, Doo-Wops & Hooligans in October 2010.


I choose Bruno Mars because I really like him as an artist and I really like his songs. I admire him a lot and I love his voice. He is a very talented and successful person, and he loves what he does.


Task 2:

-Hello Bruno, how are you?

+Hi, fine and you?

-Fine. I haven´t seen you around, what have you done lately?

+I´ve been working in my new album, it´s going to be great. I´m almost done with it.

-That´s great news! Aren´t you exited about it?

+Yes, very. I´ve been working in this for 9 months now.

-Very good. Do you have any plans for the future?

+Yes, some. After I´m done with this album, I want to do more charity work, as I used to do.

-That an excellent idea! What do you have in mind?

+Right now nothing but I´m looking forward to working with UNICEF.

-Well, I can help you with that, I´ve worked there.


-Yes. Well, apart from that what are you planing to do next?

+ I´m going to make two more music videos, and I want to take acting classes, for the change.

-Oh that´s awesome! People would be thrilled to see a movie that has you as the protagonist.

+I´m not sure if I want to do a movie right away but maybe, it could be.

-It would be great, and you will be very successful.

+I hope so!

Task 3:

Bruno Mars Questionare