Language test – Dumb Martian

This is a test our Language teacher Pilar used us to do. We had to choose two questions and answer them.

1. Discuss the full significance of the title of the story.

I think the author decided to put that title to the story as an irony, because Duncan thinks Lellie is dumb, and we all think that a little bit because she is a martian. But in the end, she shows the opposite, she is smart enough to lock Duncan outside so that he dies and leaves her alone, so that she stops being bullied by her husband, so that everyone who is reading realizes she is very smart and clever.

7. What message of relevance to the present (society, people, technology, personal qualities, related issues) does this story have?

In this days, lots of people suffer of bullying, and this story makes reference to that. Duncan treated Lellie in a very tough way, he insulted her, told her she was dumb, and she was only an innocent martian. Lots of innocent people find themselves in Lellie´s shoes, and they don´t know how to act, or what to do. I think this is a very serious issue, and it´s a very cruel thing some people do, and most important because this has lots of consequences.