Crime Story

This is a crime story our Language teacher ask me to do.

It was a gloomy night. It has been raining heavily. It was late and I was walking alone when suddenly I heard a scream, it seemed like a little girl screaming because it was loud and it scared me like hell.  I started to run to where I thought the girl was because maybe she needed help. I was lost, I couldn’t find the girl and I couldn’t see anything because it was raining a lot. I decided to go back home, the street was deserted and I was very frightened; and suddenly, when I was about to enter to my house, in the blackness of the night I heard another scream, but this time this girl was screaming “Help!!!!”. It seemed like she was getting closer so I runned around the block to see if she was there, and I finally found her…

She was almost naked, shaking and crying her eyes out, she couldn’t talk, or answer any of  my questions because she was too scared, something really bad had happened to her. I decided to take her home, and give her some clothes while the police came. The police took about twenty minutes to arrive home, and in the meanwhile as she calmed down, she told me what had happened.

She went to a club with her friends the night before, she went home alone and around 5am when she was two blocks away from her house she was kidnapped by some men who came and grabbed her; they pushed her into a truck and took her to an abandoned house where no one could find her. This men rapped her several times and hit her because she tried to escape. Two hours before I found her, this men had thrown her the middle of the street and escaped. She was hurt and lost, she`s been through the worst and she`s really going to need help.

Poema: Escobita la suciecita y palita la limpita

Este es un poema que yo y Joaquin inventamos para nuestra clase de Lengua.

Escobita la suciecita y palita la limpita:

Escobita la suciecita y palita la limpita

Eran muy chiquititas,

Sin embargo,

Limpian las mugrersitas de la horrenda casita.


Aunque sean muy diferentes,

Están muy enamorados,

Se conocieron por accidente,

Son muy afortunados.

Trial video

This is a video of a trial from the movie “Legaly Blonde”, this is the vocabulary me and Luna found.


– Criminal proceedings

– Mens rea

– Councelors

– Trial for murder

– License attorney

– Bench

– Defendant

– Vicious will

– Strike

– Witness

– Take into custody

– Charged for murder

– Case dismissed