Enzymes and pH: lab work

In Biology we have been studying Enzymes, and we went to the lab and did an experiment on Enzymes and pH. I worked with Bauti, Luli and Luz.

Many plant tissues change colour when exposed to the air. The enzymes that produce the coloured products may be affected by pH.

Aim: investigate the effect of pH on the production of these coloured products formed on the freshly cut surface of a plant tissue

First we had to cut 2 pieces of banana of 1cm wide. We had to leave one exposed to the air and the other one in a petri dish and covered with orange juice and leave them for half an hour.

After half an hour…

Colour of exposed surface: darker

Colour of surface covered with orange juice: same initial color

The piece of banana in the orange juice with acidic Ph, didn`t let the colour enzymes work and so it stayed the same.The high acidic Ph that in the orange juice produced a change in the active site and so the substrate didn’t fit anymore.


Online Language Test

This is a test given to us by Pilar, our Language teacher.

Task 1

This is the poem I chose, I chose it because it`s interesting, I really enjoyed it and it is fulfilled with the ideas and the events that surround us. Benjamin expresses what`s happening to us, to our world, to our society. It`s shocking to read this poem, that has so negative and horrible ideas, and realize they are true, and they are happening all the time in the place we live, “Without Black suffering they’d have no jobs.
Without our dead they’d have no office.” these are ideas that as shocking and sad as they seam, they are true.  “The race industry is a growth industry.” these is an idea which is repeated constantly throughout the story, and it`s the message Zephaniah wants to give us, racism is present in every country, in every community, it`s growing, and it`s everywhere, no matter what we do. What he wants to tell us with this poem is that everyone needs to realize how horrible it is, and needs to stop, because everyone can help change the world, and a big change starts from little things each one of us do. Benjamin, in this poem personifies the “coconut” with the governemnt, with the people that are constantly abusing us, making us think they are doing the right thing for us. he also uses imagery to portray a vivid image of what he wants to express, for example “Without our tears they’d have no drink.”, which is a visual image.

These are two images which have ideas present in this poem.

Task 2

Racism in little people

Every kid has friends

Maybe for a while, but friends all in all.

Happy as they may seem,

When they see them in the hall.


All some of them care about is their color,

not if they would be there,

to accompany them in their sorrow.


They discriminate what`s different,

thinking they are perfect.

Don`t they realize?

The last thing these kids need is their appraisement.


The Berlin Blockade

This is an activity our History teacher usked to do, as we are now studying the cold war; this graph we had to do is about the Berlin blackade. image


These are the answers to the questions Lenny gave us: 

1) They were very poor, hardly noticed by other countries, they had lost everything,
As a country and each person specifically.

2) The soviets didn’t want Berlin of any part of Germany to recover to fast, they wanted to keep them crippled and under their control.

3) because the three zones occupied by the allies united against the fourth zone which was under soviet (communist) control.

4) Because it was a real event, a real “confrontation”, a real proof of what was know as a the Cold War, the airlift proved the rivalry between communism and capitalism wasn’t just a simple fear, simple ideas, it was a big and very important issue.

5) The USSR, as they closed the roads and the access the allies had to get to Berlin, they offered every starving person in Berlin free food if they crossed into East Berlin and registered their ration cards there, but West Berliners rejected their proposal. And as for the USA, they sent more supplies during the airlift than they had done before.

6) Because he saw the Americans weren’t going to stop providing Berlin with supplies, and they didn’t want to declare war, so they surrendered and freed the roads.

Extender question: In my opinion it was the USA, because Berlin was deep in the soviets’ zone, it was surrounded in communism, and they could have just let it go and focus on another thing more important, but instead Truman wanted to make sure everyone knew he was serious about his plans against communism’s expanding.

Enzymes and temperature: lab work

In biology we have been studying enzymes, so we went to the lab and did and experiment.

Temperature °C & height of foam produced

5 – 0,5

30 – 1

100 – 0

-This is a graph comparing the temperature and the height of foam produced:


Images of what we did:











1) Before starting the experiment we placed the potato and the test tube in the water baths, so that both of them had the same temperature. First 8°C, then 30°C and then 100°C.

2) Independent variable: Temperature.

Dependent variable: Height of foam produced.

Fixed variables: Size of potato & volume of water.

3)By looking at the graph, we can see that as temperature goes up, so does the height of foam produced, until it reaches 30°C. When it reaches this temperature, the height of foam produced decreases. That’s why when temperature is 100°C, the height of foam produced is 0.

4) Enzymes work best at 30°C, there is more activity at this temperature.

5)There was no activity of the enzyme, the height of foam produced is 0.

Recruitment and selection process

In our Business class, we had to do an assignment, we had to choose a job from a web page and answer some questions.


– Has to be extremely commercial focussed.

-Has to be educated to higher degree level (MD, PhD or Pharma D).

Personal Qualities

– An independent self starter.


– Has to be a true professional with established personal, scientific and medical credibility within the field of oncology.

– Experience in therapeutic diagnostics or oncology, at least 3-5 years of Pharma industry experience.

-Has to have a well established KOL networks within oncology.

Job Description

We need a Medical Director for our global pharmaceutical company. This Pharma company is focussed on specialising in innovative development of medical devices within oncology, breaking new frontiers. For this job we need someone who has the key responsibility of all medical affairs activities in the UK and Ireland. Ypu will be working two days at the London office and 3 days from home. The role of Medical Director will include responsibilities providing medical information/ education through presentation and scientific exchange with healthcare professionals. It is a permanent job and the salary is negotiable.

What I would change:

I would expand the advertisement, tell a little more about the company, why they need this Medical Director suddenly, if he/she would be working alone, If there would be a secretary, etc.