Online test: The Gothic Novel

In our Language class we have been studying The Gothic Genre, analysing stories, writing our own, and looking for characteristics of the genre. As a way to practice and see what we have learnt, our teacher Pilar asked us to do an online test which consisted in two questions; the first one was to do an infographic with the main characteristics of The Gothic Novel, and the second one was to write a dialogue. Hope you like it!

2) Dialogue with Edgar Allan Poe.

a: I´m here with the famous and talented Edgar Allan Poe, well known for his tales and poems of horror and mistery, How are you Edgar?

b: Thank you very much. I´m fine and you?

a: Fine. Tell me a little bit about you, about your family.

b: Both of my parents are actors, but I never knew them. I separated from my siblings and went to live with the Allans when I was very little. But I have always been a troublemaker, so I never got along with those either.

a. I see… and most of your writing you took from personal experiences right? I heard you went to the army, is that correct?

b: Yes it is.

a: And when was your first book published?

b: In 1827, called Tamerlane and other poems.

a: Right. You know… my favorite gothic novel of all times is “The Cask Of Amontillado”.

b: Really, I´m flatered. Do you like the genre, or just my story?

a: I like the genre in general. What can you tell about it, what crossed your mind when writing it?

b: It´s all about creativity, about using your imagination, conecting with your senses, and creating the addecuate atmosphere to catch the reader´s attention, and make the story appealing.

a: Wow… you really are an extraordinary writer!

b: Thank you very much, would you like to know anything else?

a: Yes, do you personally like the story, “The Cask Of Amontillado”?

b: Yes, very much. I like the way in which the main character seeks his revenge, and how twisted and creepy the story is.

a. I know, I like it too. It´s very interesting, the descriptions, and the way in which the reader is able to portray a picture of what´s happening in their mind. It´s really awesome.

b: Thank you very much, it´s every writer´s goal.

a: Well congratulations on that and on your amazing carrer, good luck!

b: Thank you!