La discriminación

Este es un video sobre la discriminación, los tipos y la definición de esta.

La Discriminación 

Para mi, es un muy buen video, a mi me gusto mucho porque habla de muchas cosas interesantes, y tiene fotos muy interesantes también  Esta es una de ellas, que fue la que mas me llamo la atención.

bulling 2


TODOS somos iguales, y TODOS tenemos los mismos derechos.




“A person I would never forget”.

This is a description of “A person I would never forget” that I wrote for writing and oral.


When my father mentions the world “happy” I automatically remember my grandfather Hector.  he was an excellent lawyer and he worked in charity for people with disabilities.

His height was 1.90 and he dye his hair which made him look younger than he was. He was very hyperactive and he always wanted to help others. Although he was a man, and cleaning is usually for women he helped my grandmother.

He was de most modest person I have ever seen. And he always wanted to help, every time you needed help with something, you could count on him. He was not only reliable but also sensitive. He was very confident, everything he told you he was 100% sure of it, and that gave you a sense of security and safety.

Although he is not here any more I know that he is in a better place and taking care of us.

Essay Pike

This is an Essay that we had to do for our Literature class.

Topic: Pike

Essay Question: How does Ted Huges convey the power and the violence in animals throw the poem “Pike”?

Very few people give animals the respect they deserve. In the following essay, i’m going to prove that there is power and violence in animals and humanity.


On the one hand, there is a lot of power and violence in animals. “Pike is too immense…”, it´s size  “… three inches long, perfect…” is an advantage when he has to fight with other fish. Animals fight with other fish to survive, “killers from the egg (…) malevolent…”


On the other hand, humans interfere in animals habitat a lot. “silently cast and fished…” this is a visual imagery to give a very good example of human invading animal’s habitat. “… we kept behind glass…” another excellent example.

All in all, there is, there was, and there is going to be power and violence in animals and human beings.


This is an analysis of a poem that we read in pur Literature class, the poem is called Pike.

  • The writter was Ted Hughes, an English poet and writer of children´s fiction.
  • According to Hughes the poem Pike is based on an experience he had when he was little. ”In lake or pond, there was a deep part of that pond in which there lived large pike.”

  • It is a very statue and precise description of the pike, their bodies and how they move.

  • Pike are fierce creatures.

  • “The thrust of his poem is about his fear; of the deepness of water in the area lake where they live and of the pike themselves.”  The voice is scared of the pike.

  • “This makes the experience of reading this poem, hair raising and intense emotionally. Even though the reader may be nowhere near water and pike, the reader feels the presence of these killer fish come out of Hughes words and into their consciousness.”

THEME: Self discovery – Nature vs. Human feelings – Human beings behaibior towards nature – doing anything to succeed.

TONE: remorseful – guilty – reflective – violent – suspense – gloomy – dark.