Dynamite presentation

In our History class we have been studying the Industrial Revolution. Our teacher Lenny asked us to search for innovative creations which contributed to the Revolution, and to make a presentation about it. I chose Dynamite. It Revolutionized mining and construction.

Here is my presentation.

The Berlin Blockade

This is an activity our History teacher usked to do, as we are now studying the cold war; this graph we had to do is about the Berlin blackade. image


These are the answers to the questions Lenny gave us: 

1) They were very poor, hardly noticed by other countries, they had lost everything,
As a country and each person specifically.

2) The soviets didn’t want Berlin of any part of Germany to recover to fast, they wanted to keep them crippled and under their control.

3) because the three zones occupied by the allies united against the fourth zone which was under soviet (communist) control.

4) Because it was a real event, a real “confrontation”, a real proof of what was know as a the Cold War, the airlift proved the rivalry between communism and capitalism wasn’t just a simple fear, simple ideas, it was a big and very important issue.

5) The USSR, as they closed the roads and the access the allies had to get to Berlin, they offered every starving person in Berlin free food if they crossed into East Berlin and registered their ration cards there, but West Berliners rejected their proposal. And as for the USA, they sent more supplies during the airlift than they had done before.

6) Because he saw the Americans weren’t going to stop providing Berlin with supplies, and they didn’t want to declare war, so they surrendered and freed the roads.

Extender question: In my opinion it was the USA, because Berlin was deep in the soviets’ zone, it was surrounded in communism, and they could have just let it go and focus on another thing more important, but instead Truman wanted to make sure everyone knew he was serious about his plans against communism’s expanding.

On the verge of war

This is an activity our History teacher usked to do, in order to finish with our topic of The League Of Nations in the 1930s. 

This is a meograph some students of our school did about the short term causes of WW2. It’s very interesting, and it’s full of information, it explains what happened, step by step, and it gives us the possibility to analyse how and why it started. It’s an exellent toll to use to refresh our memory, because it’s short, non the less concrete.

This is an animation our History teacher showed us, from WW2. It’s very interesting because it shows how war was developed, but it’s showed in an entertaining way. You really enjoy watching it because it has all the information, the secuence of what happened and it is showed in a way that chatches your atention.

This is a Fakebook me, Nicolas, Catu and Agustin did, about Neville Chamberlain, the prime minister of Great Britan from May 1937 to May 1940.

History Questions

This are some questions our History teacher usked us to answer after a video we saw in class. 

1. The video opens up with scenes from Poland in 1939, an army from the sudetenland was bombarding, attacking Poland, and the league was failing to defend, it was failing to maintain peace.

2. Japan suffered a lot from the depression and the wall street crash, which happened in USA. They had overpopulation, they had more than a million mouths to feed every year. Also, it was a very isolated country, and had no natural resources of its own. In addition to that, in 1930, unemployment was high.

3. The army controlled the education system, and took part in politics, it controlled all of Japan.

4. They believed territorial gain in east Asia would benefit the empire of Japan. Corea was already Japanesse, and now Japanesse troops were to stay in Manchuria.

5. Manchuria was rich in resources Japan desperately needed.

7. The league decided Japan had to leave Manchuria, and this one will become a semi-independent nation free from Japan and China.

8. Japan didn’t accept what the league said, and so they took manchuria and left The League of Nations.


History Source Analysis

In our History class, we have been analysing different sources, as a revision of what we have seen last year and for us to practice for the IGSCE exam we will be taking this year. We worked in groups and we were given three different sources. I worked with Luli, Lucia, Epi and Juan. Our sources were about the negative of the USA in the 1920s.


This is a Primary Source because it is a photo taken of a sign at the 1920s where immigrants were restricted.

This source deals with the issue of prejudice and intolerance. It shows that if you aren’t white you are not going to be serve. If you want to be served you had to be white. This is a racist message. It shows how black people and immigrants were treated in those years. By the time slavery was ended, in the US there were more black people than white.

The message of this source is how hard people faced intolerance and racism towards immigrants and black people. In this case Spanish and Mexicans were left apart. Those who weren’t white or Americans suffered discrimination. In 1924 the American government restricted immigration.



This source is primary because the photo was taken in the time the event was happening and the author was a witness of the event.

In this photo you can see a police officer doing a surprise check on a Lunch Room to see if they had stored any alcoholic beverages, which after the prohibition law was passed was illegal.

The message behind this picture is that at the time police officers had to check constantly on the people in USA since they were desperate enough to break the law.It also shows the way they had to do it.The prohibition was negative because it increased the sales of drinks, the number of gangsters and illegal activities, and of deaths. This was because the banning of drinks made people more violent and critical to drink. Although in this picture the officers are doing their job honourably and correctly, there were lots of corrupt cops.You can see a lot of photos about prohibition since it was a very important and controversial part of the 1920s in the USA.



This is a primary source; it`s a photo of people protesting about what happened to Sacco and Vanzetti. These two were victims of the red scare, which took place in USA in the 1920s. They were arrested on suspicion of armed robbery and murder. The trial became more about them being anarchists than of a murder, and six years later they were executed. This is a clear example of what was going on in the USA, the intolerance they had, how close-minded they were, the prejudice and the way they treated people who thought different. People noticed this, and realized that this was wrong and so, they supported Sacco and Vanzetti, they were on their side, and so they protested.