Literature work on connectors

In our Language class, we have been studying connectors. We made groups and worked on different types of connectors. I worked with Catu and Cata on Addition. 

This are our exercises:

– Cata is going out tonight…. Going to the cinema ….. To a bar
– Luna loves dogs… ,she is getting one for his boyfriend next week. Pato loves dogs…
– …, the demilitarization of the rhineland was … cause for the outbreak of the second world war.
– … with the policy of appeasement, there was … policy, the policy of isolation.
– Nico plays football two times a week, and goes to the gym once a week. … he studies and has good grades.
– Argentina is a large and extensive country. … she has access to the Atlantic Ocean.

What are the important places in your life?

In our Language class we worked in pairs and brainstormed ideas about an important place for us. Then individually we had to write a piece about the place and why it is important for us. I worked with Catu, and we did a poem.

The four of us alone in the grass,

far away from our class

we enjoyed our time together

and did´t care about the weather

We told each other secrets during the night,

and woke up early to enjoy the light

we went there to isolate ourselvs

and therefore, connect with our inner self.

Once we all took a bath,

it cleared our head from the class of math

during the day we had long walks,

and during the night deep talks.

Online test: The Gothic Novel

In our Language class we have been studying The Gothic Genre, analysing stories, writing our own, and looking for characteristics of the genre. As a way to practice and see what we have learnt, our teacher Pilar asked us to do an online test which consisted in two questions; the first one was to do an infographic with the main characteristics of The Gothic Novel, and the second one was to write a dialogue. Hope you like it!

2) Dialogue with Edgar Allan Poe.

a: I´m here with the famous and talented Edgar Allan Poe, well known for his tales and poems of horror and mistery, How are you Edgar?

b: Thank you very much. I´m fine and you?

a: Fine. Tell me a little bit about you, about your family.

b: Both of my parents are actors, but I never knew them. I separated from my siblings and went to live with the Allans when I was very little. But I have always been a troublemaker, so I never got along with those either.

a. I see… and most of your writing you took from personal experiences right? I heard you went to the army, is that correct?

b: Yes it is.

a: And when was your first book published?

b: In 1827, called Tamerlane and other poems.

a: Right. You know… my favorite gothic novel of all times is “The Cask Of Amontillado”.

b: Really, I´m flatered. Do you like the genre, or just my story?

a: I like the genre in general. What can you tell about it, what crossed your mind when writing it?

b: It´s all about creativity, about using your imagination, conecting with your senses, and creating the addecuate atmosphere to catch the reader´s attention, and make the story appealing.

a: Wow… you really are an extraordinary writer!

b: Thank you very much, would you like to know anything else?

a: Yes, do you personally like the story, “The Cask Of Amontillado”?

b: Yes, very much. I like the way in which the main character seeks his revenge, and how twisted and creepy the story is.

a. I know, I like it too. It´s very interesting, the descriptions, and the way in which the reader is able to portray a picture of what´s happening in their mind. It´s really awesome.

b: Thank you very much, it´s every writer´s goal.

a: Well congratulations on that and on your amazing carrer, good luck!

b: Thank you!

Online Language Test

This is a test given to us by Pilar, our Language teacher.

Task 1

This is the poem I chose, I chose it because it`s interesting, I really enjoyed it and it is fulfilled with the ideas and the events that surround us. Benjamin expresses what`s happening to us, to our world, to our society. It`s shocking to read this poem, that has so negative and horrible ideas, and realize they are true, and they are happening all the time in the place we live, “Without Black suffering they’d have no jobs.
Without our dead they’d have no office.” these are ideas that as shocking and sad as they seam, they are true.  “The race industry is a growth industry.” these is an idea which is repeated constantly throughout the story, and it`s the message Zephaniah wants to give us, racism is present in every country, in every community, it`s growing, and it`s everywhere, no matter what we do. What he wants to tell us with this poem is that everyone needs to realize how horrible it is, and needs to stop, because everyone can help change the world, and a big change starts from little things each one of us do. Benjamin, in this poem personifies the “coconut” with the governemnt, with the people that are constantly abusing us, making us think they are doing the right thing for us. he also uses imagery to portray a vivid image of what he wants to express, for example “Without our tears they’d have no drink.”, which is a visual image.

These are two images which have ideas present in this poem.

Task 2

Racism in little people

Every kid has friends

Maybe for a while, but friends all in all.

Happy as they may seem,

When they see them in the hall.


All some of them care about is their color,

not if they would be there,

to accompany them in their sorrow.


They discriminate what`s different,

thinking they are perfect.

Don`t they realize?

The last thing these kids need is their appraisement.