News Report

This is a news report our Writing & Oral teacher gave us. 


Yesterday, five of December, something extraordinary happened. Captain Morehouse was sailing with his crew in mid-atlantic and they happened to run into the Mary Celeste. They couldn’t see anyone, so the captain sent his crew to investigate.

The boat was abandoned, no sign of people. The captain started to worry, everything was in order exept for some papers which were missing.

An investigation is going on right now, and there’s no sign of people, no clue to where they would have gone.



Diary Entry

This is a diary entry I made for my class with Daniela Barra, hope you like it.

March 12th

I finally started senior 2. I didn´t want to finish senior one, but now that it´s over I´m looking forward to having a great senior 2. I´m very excited about this year, it´s not very different from last year but I´m really anxious about getting to know all the new teachers.

As we grow up the level of difficulty grows too, we have more homework, topics are harder, more exams, etc. But that does´t bother me much because I pay attention in class and that helps me a lot.

I hope this year is great, I hope I can get to know all the teachers and study and understand everything for me to pass all the subjects as last year.



“A person I would never forget”.

This is a description of “A person I would never forget” that I wrote for writing and oral.


When my father mentions the world “happy” I automatically remember my grandfather Hector.  he was an excellent lawyer and he worked in charity for people with disabilities.

His height was 1.90 and he dye his hair which made him look younger than he was. He was very hyperactive and he always wanted to help others. Although he was a man, and cleaning is usually for women he helped my grandmother.

He was de most modest person I have ever seen. And he always wanted to help, every time you needed help with something, you could count on him. He was not only reliable but also sensitive. He was very confident, everything he told you he was 100% sure of it, and that gave you a sense of security and safety.

Although he is not here any more I know that he is in a better place and taking care of us.

Descriptive writting

Writting & Oral. Chose an image and describe it. FINAL VERSION.

Located in Miami, United States. It is a hotel which has a very relaxing and beautiful out look.

The sea there is gorgeous, the water is crystal – blue, very clean and has a salty smell that gives you a very calm sensation.

Have you ever wanted to get into the warmest pool ever? If you go to the serene swimming pool of the hotel, you will feel, as my mom once said, “I feel like heaven´s on this pool”. Also, all around the swimming pool, you have chairs and comfortable umbrellas were you can have a very quiet nap.

In addition, Near the hotel there are lots of busy streets and exclusive shops were you can have fun and buy anything that you want.

In my opinion it´s a very peaceful place with a spectacular view, and i’m sure that if you go there you will have an excellent time.

mara ripoll